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Post by Cat on Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:05 am

Love2Love wrote:Hi!! 😬 I'm new here. This is my first time introducing myself as HSP anywhere ever in my life! Feels good. It felt sooo good to learn about HSPs ... I felt validated. So thx to our fearless leader for that. I am confused about one thing though: I keep reading about HSP being a bad thing or something ┬áthat is challenging to weather. It never crossed my mind that my "abilities" were making my life more difficult... before I even knew of the term "Hyper Sensitive Person" I knew there were things about me that were special and I knew it's best to hide my unique abilities from others if I wanted to be liked, accepted, and to fit in. But - even so, I still never saw my HSPness as something negative. Of course there ARE negative things that are a direct result of my hypersensitivity (my many physical ailments come to mind), for the most part, I view my ability to see every nuance in a scene, for example, as a positive thing. I've always called my abilities my "super powers," since they are so extraordinary. Remember the movie: The Bourne Identity? Well there's this scene where he describes his ability to pick up very specific details from a scene, such as the number of cars in the parking lot and which of them was most likely to have a weapon in it. The first time I saw that scene, I said: "that's me that's me!" Does anyone else think of their HSP attributes as special gifts?? Thanks for letting me hoin
"That's me!!!!" Mmm├▒

Welcome Smile Too funny you referred to yours as "super powers" - I was thinking the other day how I used to be dead set on feeling like I had some sort of mystical connection when I was very little, but never had the words to describe it. I "just knew" something, but kept it all to myself.

Since discovering the HSP label/community, I swing between seeing it as a massive gift, a defect, or just gibberish...depending on the day. It keeps it interesting, at least. pirat

Whatever the reality, it's the only sort of belonging I've felt anywhere so, if nothing else, I am immensely grateful for that.

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