Figuring out Chatroll

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default Figuring out Chatroll

Post by Emerald Love on Sat Feb 13, 2010 11:30 pm


Still trying to figure out how to use chatroll without it sticking. Currently I'm using Firefox as a web browser. I'll try internet explorer and keep you updated with how that goes.

Are there any suggestions or a list of things that I can do to make this unstick?

(Including an explanation of temp files lol)

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default Re: Figuring out Chatroll

Post by edie on Sat Feb 27, 2010 5:26 am

dont know much to tell you other than some times its not you lol
no mater what is used for browser there is problems.
i do know having slow connection like dile up is a huge problem. i switched to wireless and 90 percent of my problems with chatroll was gone. i use internet explorer 8, and have half of my memory still free if that makes a diff idk. i atleast bi weekly use a program called wipe that rids my puter for me of all cookies,temp files,browser temp files,surfing,catches and on and on easy in the milions mb deleted. of stuff from this internet, i dint know eather that even though we may not surf just being connected to 4 or 5 sites is enuff to bog down your puter and your browser automaticly saves and stores avies,buttons, and sorts for quick access on your next visit to that site. crazy huh? lol

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default Re: Figuring out Chatroll

Post by melodiccolor on Sat Feb 27, 2010 4:07 pm

We've been unable to find a chat box for this board that does not have problems; chatroll is the best we've found so far. That's one reason we also use Gaia.

I believe you use windows and Internet Explorer as your browser. If you use version 7, on the top right, click tools, delete files, then click delete temp files. It will ask if you are sure and you click ok. If you use version 8, click on the safety tab first and follow to deleting temp files. Every now and then you should also delete all the files stored in your browser. Just be prepared to reenter all your passwords and to log in everywhere online after.

On your computer, there is tools to clean your computer, including temp files. On XP it is called disk cleanup and it is located in all programs>accessories>computer tools>maintainance. Choose disk cleanup.

Also you should run periodic scans of spyware with your spyware program and the same for viruses with a virus scan program.

After all that, run disk defrag in computer tools and backup everything.

You'll have a clean computer that runs much better and hopefully have less trouble with chatroll as well.

If it does stop showing posts, click the home button of the main index page here on Dimension and it will refresh the page and hopefully unstick chatroll. That usually works for most of us.

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default Re: Figuring out Chatroll

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