How old are you really?

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Post by jaded on Wed May 12, 2010 12:59 pm

Spock your answer made me smile. You are a tad older than I. But back in the day people didn't rush out to get the newest & latest so quickly as now.

I grew up watching "Leave it to Beaver". I swear that June Cleaver is responsible for my warped sense of identity. lol!

My youngest son was born with a full head of bright red hair. My OBGYN said , "Look it's Howdy Doody". I am 5 years older than my husband. He had no clue who that was . Lol!

When I was a teenager, long after the Beatles craze, I was in love with John Lennon. I imagined seeing him one day. I cried for days when he died.

As for being old, seems t me like you lived in the good old days. Lord, knows I miss them

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